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Tips for finding living people (people search)

If you are new to public records research, then perhaps the quickest and most reliable way to begin is through a through People Search services. Typically, a small fee can give you access to basic information on nearly anyone in the U.S., including name, phone numbers, age, birth date, addresses, and more.

Even experienced investigators will still begin with a basic people searches to help them begin a case on the right foot. It helps to identify the correct person and know their most recent location.

Keep in mind, basic people searches are not guarantees that the person is still living at the most recent location. Followup research may be required.

Tips for finding the dead (genealogy)

The thought of beginning a search for “genealogy records” can be intimidating. Here is a tip to get you started:

The most useful public records are the ones nearest to you, held at the county level. To find some of the records available in your county, you can begin by browsing this site by state and then county. Each county page lists the government agencies responsible for making various records available to the public.

Courthouse, Sussex County, VA

  Facts about U.S. Counties

Total U.S. Counties:

Most Populated County:
Los Angeles County, CA Population: 9,519,338

Least Populated County:
Loving County, TX Population: 67

State With The Most Counties:
Texas, 289

State With The Least Counties:
Delaware, 3